6.9.2006 WSP and Gridpoint Finland Oy

September 6th, 2006, WSP Finland and Gridpoint Finland Oy announced that WSP Finland had signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to purchase all the shares of Gridpoint Finland Oy.

The transaction is expected to close in September - October 2006. 

After transaction action will continue as a part of WSP Finland with a name of WSP GRIDPOINT.

WSP GRIDPOINT will carry on as an agent for Surpac software in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

30.3.2006 Surpac licences

At the moment, number of Surpac licenses in our region:
Finland - 72
Sweden - 9 
Norway - 4

5.12.2005 FEM (Fennoscandian Mining Conference) in Rovaniemi

Photos  - Gridpoint's and Surpac Software's stand in FEM, Rovaniemi

18.5.2005 SiroVision Demo

SiroVision demo was presented for Sandvik Tamrock 12.5.2005 by Gridpoint and Matti Talikka from Geological Survey of Finland
Photos  - SiroVision demo

18.5.2005 Surpac licences

At the moment, number of Surpac licenses in our region:
Finland - 65
Sweden - 5 
Norway - 4

19.5.2004 Surpac licences

At the moment, number of Surpac licenses in our region:
Finland - 59
Sweden - 4 
Norway - 3

10.12.2003 Surpac day and FEM in Rovaniemi

Photos  - Surpac day and Gridpoint's and Surpac Software's stand in FEM, Rovaniemi

8.10.2003 Surpac day in Finland, 2 on December in Rovaniemi

Gridpoint will organise a Surpac day in Finland 2 of December 2003 in Rovaniemi. The day just before Fennoscandian 
Exploration and Mining
3-5 on December in Rovaniemi. The language of day is English.

It is mainly for Surpac users but all interested are welcome.

15.10.2002 Seminar of Rock Engineering and Excavation (SML)

Seminar of Rock Engineering and Excavation will be 7.-8.11.2002 at Tampere. The program will include very topical subjects. 
Gridpoint will take part of the seminar and have shared presentation with Saanio&Riekkola Oy about rock grouting.

15.10.2002 Seminar, Finnish Society of Engineering Geology (RGY)

One day seminar in Tampere 8.10.2002 was organised by Finnish Society of Engineering Geology.
The seminar was very intresting concerning different subjects in the geotechnical and the rock engineer fields.
Gridpoint had two presentations: applications of image analyse (Dr. Pasi Tolppanen) and 
rock quality characterization/classification (Pauli Syrjänen).

4.7.2002 SURPAC software user’s conference will be in Paris, France 27th September

The program will include live software presentations by Surpac staff and agents from around the world and case studies 
from users in industry. Gridpoint will give presentations about Surpac -Tunneling and - Geomechanical applications. 
Before the conference day there will be training courses of Surpac (new version V5.0) and also geostatistical course by Geovariance.  
See more information in: conference_flyer.pdf, training courses_flyer.pdf and geostatistics_flyer.pdf.

23-24.5.2002 Q-classification course 

Q-classification (rock quality index) short course was organised in Helsinki University of Technology/Rock Engineering Laboratory
23-24.5.2002 by the Finnish National Group of ISRM.

See pictures:
Dr. Fredrik Løset from NGI and classification session in tunnel (otaniemi) 

2.4.2002 Development program of competitive rock engineering 

On their meeting 26.3. FTA decided that the coordinate group of the development program will continue directly under FTA with
by Mr. Erkki Holopainen and Mr. Jouko Ritola. Due this decision Mr. Holopainen has withdrawn from the Gridpoint Finland Oy
and continue the work in Helsinki University of Technology/Rock Engineering Laboratory.

4.3.2002 Development program of competitive rock engineering 

Development program of competitive rock engineering  has been started at the beginning of February.
This program is lead by the Finnish Tunneling Association (FTA). 
Coordinator group of this development program is lead by Mr. Erkki Holopainen Gridpoint Finland Oy and other person in charge are
Mr. Jouko Ritola VTT Building and Transport and Mr. Pauli Syrjänen Gridpoint Finland Oy.


4.3.2002 Erkki Holopainen 

Mr. Erkki Holopainen has started in Gridpoint Finland Oy at the beginning of February as the coordinator of development program of competitive rock engineering. Mr. Erkki Holopainen has retired from the vice president of Lemminkäinen Construction, Civil Engineering Unit.



Gridpoint will organise a seminar of image analysis of rock materials:

Materials Science and Rock Engineering, Helsinki Univ. of Technology
Thursday 14th of February, 9.15. – 12.00
and same seminar
Tampere Univ. of Technology
Thursday 13th of February, 12.15 -

Dr. Wei Xing Wang & Mr. Anders Fosselius
Procurevision Ab, Stockholm, Sweden, www.procurevision.se

Registration for the seminar not later than 01.02.2002 to Pasi Tolppanen / Gridpoint Oy by email: pasi@gridpoint.fi or by tel. 09-6217705. Seminar is free.

More information: Seminar of Image Analysis at HUT.pdf


2.1.2002 Gridpoint is IREDES's associated member

IREDES means International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard. 
IREDES is a standard for electronic data exchange between rock excavation equipment and central computer systems.

More information: www.iredes.org

16.11.2001 Surpac users in Finland

In Finland, now 38 licenses of Surpac Software are in use.

01.10.2001 Pasi Tolppanen

Lic.Tech. Pasi Tolppanen has started in Gridpoint Finland Oy.  Last three years Pasi has worked as a PhD student / researcher at the Royal Institute of Technogy, Stockholm, Sweden, and he will defend his thesis at October 12th , 2001. Title of the thesis is "3-D Characterization and degradation Analysis of Rock Aggregates". 

For his predoctoral studies at HUT (1996), he proceeded an rock mechanical stability analyses for possible sites for the nuclear waste repository in Finland (Report YJT-95-11). 


6.8.2001 APCOM 2001

APCOM and ICAMC were in Tampere, Finland, 3-5 September 2001. 

Photo 1 - Gridpoint's and Surpac Software's stand in APCOM


09.8.2001 Job opportunity

Capable or highly interested to do rock mechanical simulations using UDEC, Phase2, 3DEC or FLAC3D ? We have co-operation with Helsinki University of Technology, Rock Engineering if you are interested also on post-graduate studies.

Contact and additional information: matti@gridpoint.fi


23.7.2001 Upcoming events 2001

APCOM and ICAMC in Tampere, Finland, 3-5 September 2001. We have Surpac presentation stand with Surpac Software Int. in APCOM
4th Regional Symposium on Computer Applications in the Minerals Industries (APCOM) and 14th International Conference on Automation in Mining (ICAMC)

More information:

Gridpoint Finland Oy - New Homepages

Gridpoint Finland Oy has new homepages made by Veli-Pekka Tolonen.

Veli-Pekka Tolonen
Kustaa Aadolfinkatu 3 A 20
67100 Kokkola
Mobile:+358 400 737395
Email: velipeto@iobox.fi

13.6.2001 Surpac users in Finland

In Finland, following companies are using Surpac software:

Outokumpu mining Oy Pyhäsalmi mine,MTG,Hitura mine;AvestaPolarit Chrome Oy Kemi mine;
Mondo Minerals Oy;Geological Survey of Finland;Tulikivi Oy;Helsinki University of Technology and
Gridpoint Finland Oy.

In Finland, totally 34 licenses of Surpac Software are in use.

8.6.2001 ISRM Regional Symposium Eurock 2001

ISRM (International Society of Rock mechanics) regional symbosium were in Finland, Espoo 3-7th on June. Gridpoint had a company and Surpac presentation stand there.
Photo 1 - Gridpoint's stand in Eurock

1.1.2001 Susanna

Susanna Ranta-aho is a new employee in Gridpoint and she is going to deal with geological and geotechnical modeling and mapping.

12.9.2000 Gridpoint in Lapland

Gridpoint was trekking five days in UKK-national park, Lapland.

Photo 1 - Harri and Matti in Paratiisikuru
Photo 2 - Petteri in a way to fjeld Sokosti

3.12.1999 Gridpoint in Portugal

Gridpoint has established a branch office in Portugal, Sines.
Pauli Syrjänen works there for the present.
Gridpoint Portugal / Pauli Syrjänen
Tel. +351-269 630 384
Fax. +351-269 633 513
Mobile +351-938 566 947

3.12.1999 Office in Karkkila

Gridpoint has a side office in Karkkila city in Finland.
Matti Hakala can be reached there.

Gridpoint Finland Oy
Valurinkatu 4 A 12

Tel. +358-9-22 43 77 60
Fax. +358-9-22 43 77 61

2.12.1999 Surpac2000 update version 3.2K

Surpac update version 3.2K is now available in www.surpac.com download page.
Since version 3.2h, lot of changes and updates has been gone through. Autoplot function is now available.
It is handy for example with geological sections when you want to get something out quickly.
All string file formats has been taken out from bottom of translat.ssi file and put in graphics settings.
You will be now be able to change them in graphics setting while Surpac is running.
In Geological sections you can now set text sizes to be different for assays, hole labels and geology labels in display and separately in autoplot.

30.7.1999 Surpac users in Finland

In Finland, following companies are using Surpac software for geological modelling and mine design:
Outokumpu mining Oy Pyhäsalmi mine, MTG, Hitura mine; Outokumpu Chrome Kemi mine; Mondo Minerals Oy;
Geological Survey of Finland and Gridpoint Finland Oy.

In Finland, totally 22 licenses of Surpac Software are in use.

30.7.1999 Surpac2000 update version 3.2h

Surpac update version 3.2h is now available in www.surpac.com download page.
Autoplot function included should be available in next update version 3.2i.
More information about autoplot see New No String Attached newsletter June 1999 in www.surpac.com.
The 3.2h version have new WRML export tool to create wrml files for sophisticated 3D internet pages.
You need browser which supports WRML format, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Worldview 2.1 www.intervista.com.
Next picture is simple example of using wrml-files in Interner pages. If you can't see anything your browser do not support wrml-files. View wrml image ( 160 kb )

30.7.1999 New No String Attached, June 1999

New No String Attached, June 1999 is available in www.surpac.com